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Our restaurant is focused on sharing flavorful traditional Mexican dishes. WE are known for our mole and exotic meats we offer such as chapulines (crickets). If you are a Mexican Food lover you will thanks us later! We hope you give us a try and have the best Mexican food experience in the area. See you soon. -Owner & Staff


Established in 2017.
The business was called Mexico City because it was the owners favorite place to visit during her childhood. Also, where her parents met before coming to the United States  back in 1980. The owners mission is to share her family flavors and traditional Mexican dishes passed down from generations to the Buffalo Area.

Meet the Business Owner


Elder M.
Business Owner
With years of experience in the restuarant industry in New York City and a Bachelor's in Business, Elder decided to take a leap and make one of her many dreams to open a mexican restaurant come true. Elder has always been a foodie and is thrilled to share her family's background culture with the Buffalo Area.

What does Mexico City mean?

 Teotihuacán (pronunciation) [teotiwa'kan]know as "birthplace of the gods", or "place where gods were born", is ancient Mesoamerican city located in a sub-valley of the Valley of Mexico, located in the State of Mexico 40 kilometres (25 mi) northeast of modern-day Mexico City, known today as the site of many of the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre-Columbian Americas. (SOURCE :




With its strong flavours and tempting aromas, the delicious food of the City of Mexico identifies its own. Its spicy, suggestive and weighty dishes are born from an unusual gastronomy crossbreeding that intertwines pre-Hispanic, Spanish and French roots. 

The bean, the corn and the chilli are the holy trinity of the Aztec culinary offering and they get more than one prayer or praise out of the loyal devotees who congregate at restaurants and fondas to worship the delicious tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas, amongst other dishes.  

The menu does not end here. Along this tasty "way of the cross", the epicure must bare in mind that it is not recommendable to disdain or despise the weighty tamales, a dough stuffed with meat, fruit or cheese, wrapped with corn husks leafs and cooked in steam; or the mole, an splendid stew of meat prepared with a sauce based on chilli, sesame, almonds, raisins, bitter chocolate and other ingredients. 

But the most popular delightfulness of the Aztec gastronomy is the whims, sublime appetizers which due to the strength of their taste have reached beyond the country's borders. 



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